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Acatenango Walking Experience 

אקטננגו גרסת חב״ד🌋

📍 Meeting point and times for Acatanengo:


Meet at the Chabad house at 7:30 for coffee/tea and banana cake.

Collect your food and water and wait for transportation. Arrive back the next day around 12:00 PM.


What to bring? 🎒


  •  40 liter bag (minimum)

  • A hat to block the sun

  • Warm clothes and as much as possible, at least:

    • 3 warm layers

    • 2 pants 👖

    • Extra socks 🧦

    • Warm hat 🧢

    • Gloves 🧤

    • Thermal clothing if possible 

The temperature at the top of the mountain at night is below zero!

❗ In the rainy season two more pairs of socks are required!


You can rent the following items for 10 Q each:

  • Warm coat

  • Head lamp

  • Hat

  • Gloves

  • Wooden walking stick

What's on the menu? 🌯



- 2 baguettes, tahini omelet and vegetables.


- Shawarma baguette with tahini.

- Hot vegetable soup or noodle / ramen soup 

- Fresh mint tea

- Brownies

- Marshmallows by the fire 🔥


 The next morning: 

- Hot oatmeal

- Banana cake

- Nature Valley granola bar 

- Hot chocolate ☕️


Additional recommendations:

- Remember to take two more pairs of socks with you.


🎒 You must leave space in your backpack for your water and food!



There is an option to pay someone who will carry your backpack up the volcano to the cabin.

Pay directly to Porter by weight: 

Up to 15 kilos = Q 250 in cash 

The above prices are one way.


💧Drink plenty of water the day before the trip and on the morning of departure.

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