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Acatenango Walking Experience - Chabad Version🌋
Walking on the Acatanango volcano with excellent guides watching the amazing sunset, the nighttime eruption of the Fuego volcano. At an excellent vantage point right in front of the mountain. You sleep in the cabins (where a mattress and cash are waiting for you) and get up in the morning to an amazing sunrise, after which you return the way back 😊🚶

What’s on the menu? 🍒

  • Omelette baguette with veggies

  • Shawarma baguette

  • Rice

  • Salad

  • Hot vegetable soup

  • Fresh mint tea

  • Hot chocolate no milk 

  • Banana cake 😊

  • Delicious brownies

  • Hot oatmeal

  • Nature Valley granola bar

  • Marshmallows over the fire 🔥

📍 Food preferences? Pay attention!
Write on the registration form if you are:

Vegetarian/Vegan/Gluten free/Any allergies

Price: Q 600

What’s included?

  • Transportation from/to the starting point of the route

  • A guide to lead your trip

  • A cabin with a transparent door

  • Sitting around a fire

  • Mattress

  • Sleeping bag

  • A warm coat

  • A hat

  • Gloves

  • Head lamp

  • Delicious & kosher food 😋

  • Snacks

  • Water

Wooden sticks- 5 Q per pair

Metal sticks- 50 per pair


Meet at the Chabad house at 8:15 for coffee/tea and banana cake
You get the meals and water and go for a short drive to the beginning of the route

A challenging walk of approximately 4-7 hours

Sitting by the fire and watching the erupting volcano!

Sleep in the cabin

Optional sunrise hike, included

Back the next day around 12:00 noon​

What to bring? 🎒

  • Lots of warm layers!! (At least 3, we're not kidding, it's really cold) Thermal equipment if available. The temperature at the top of the mountain at night is below zero

  • 40 liter bag (minimum)

  • two additional pairs of socks

  • hat and gloves

  • In the rainy season two extra pairs of socks in the bag are mandatory❗

📍 It's hot part of the way, a sun hat for those who are sensitive

Additional recommendations:

Porter - there is an option to pay the guy who will take the mochila to the cabin. Pay directly to the porter by weight: Up to 15 kilos 250Q, the above prices are for one way

💧Drink a lot of water the day before the trip and on the morning of departure


So in short, as you have already been told..
Crazy experience!! of a lifetime with the food and the best conditions they will give you with a promise (you can ask your friends) and the most important thing is that it is also kosher
we are waiting for you😊

The trips depart from Sunday to Thursday

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