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Tishrei Holidays 

Chabad of Antigua is pleased to invite you to join us for the high holidays

Rosh Hashana
Rosh Hashana

Rosh Hashanah at Chabad House Antigua!
Candle Lighting 17:39
Sunday 09/25/2022
Arvit Chag 19:00
Festive Holiday meal 19:30
Shofar 11:00 AM
Candle Lighting of second holiday
18:28 Monday 09/26/2022
!Happy Rosh HaShana!

Everyone wants to start the year out on a high note, resolving that the forthcoming year should be sweeter and more successful than the one before. Join together with Jews from around the world in ushering in a sweet new year on Rosh Hashana. Experience the age-old customs, meaningful,uplifting prayer and welcoming Jewish atmosphere with Chabad Antigua.

Rosh Hashana at Chabad Antigua is an amazing experience, a memory that will stay with you forever. Be a part of a unique melding of Jews from diverse communities and cultures; sitting together and enjoying delectable Holiday meals, forming connections and wishing each other a sweet new year. This is definitely an experience you don't want to miss.




19:00 PM | Arvit First day

19:00 PM | Arvit Second day

10:00 AM | Shacharit 

6:15 PM | Mincha 

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11:00 AM | Tekiot Shofar

(Both days)

download (2).png

Kidush and Simanim

7:30 PM | The Rosh Hashana traditional Simanim ceremony

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7:30 PM | First Festive Holiday Dinner 

7:30 PM | Second Festive Holiday Dinner

2:00 PM | Both Festive Holiday Lunch 

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First Holiday Dinner: IDFRHNIGHT1
First Holiday Lunch: IDFRHDAY1
Second Holiday Dinner: IDFRHNIGHT2
Second Holiday Lunch: IDFRHDAY2